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About the Organization

Sevaa is a non-governmental organization serving the underprivileged children, teenagers, old aged people who are physically and mentally disabled, and deprived of basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter.  We, at Sevaa Foundation, are strong believers of the quote, “Service to Man is Service to God”. Sevaa Foundation provides relief and support to old aged homes, orphanages, roadside families, beggars, daily wagers, etc. Founded by Mr. Mahesh Premani and Mrs. Bhumika Premani, Sevaa Foundation was built on the belief to spread happiness and hopes.  We, at Sevaa, majorly focus on providing food in any form such as raw material, cooked meals, fruits, bakery items, etc.

 What started as baby steps has now grown into a family of volunteers and members. With our team of skilled volunteers and aspiring individuals, we aim to organize and manage programs and events to help bring happiness in the lives of all. We strive to bring together people who want to support the organizations and aspire to make a difference.

Our Mission

Sevaa Foundation strives to empower underprivileged individuals of the society, through innovative healthcare, and livelihood programs. We help to resolve the issues of poverty and hunger by practice and promoting good governance. We at Sevaa Foundation aim to-


  • Create a safe space for all
  • Generate meaningful understanding
  • Inspire social inclusion
  • Bring better services to the lives of people


Sevaa Foundation works as a catalyst by deploying the best methodologies in bringing sustainable development in the lives of underprivileged individuals. We seek to create a society filled with hope, kindness, and happiness, where people live with security.

Belief/Core Values

Sevaa Foundation works towards encouraging the members of our team and society to imbibe and demonstrate the core values of the organization.


Our organization is committed to fulfilling our vision and organizational goals with sincerity and commitment.


We believe in building a society that appreciates the dignity and potential of all individuals.





We strive to maintain the social, and ethical norms and create a safe environment for our team.


Our team is committed to working with high-performance standards and achieving excellence.

Our Community/ People behind Seva Foundation:

The Sevaa team comprises people from different parts of the world and walks of life who work towards fulfilling one mission. Our team of varied professionals believes in creating a change for a better future for all. Our Sevaa team comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds. The team is a blend of experienced professionals and passionate freshers. All work in harmony with the foundation’s beliefs to create an environment for people to enjoy happiness and freedom from hunger. We take pride in our work and hardworking team members.

551k Donated
35+ Members
50+ Volunteers
121 Doners
100K Raised

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