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Sevaa Foundation believes that education is the basic necessity for a better life as it empowers an individual to earn a livelihood and create a better future. We work with institutions that help us to provides basic education to underprivileged children.


Healthcare remains a top priority for Sevaa Foundation. We strive to address and solve the health needs of underprivileged individuals and families with our dedicated health center partners. Over the past years, we have benefited thousands of people in slums, remote rural, and disaster zone areas by organizing health check-up camps.

Women Empowerment

We at Sevaa Foundation focus on providing empowerment opportunities for women and children. We aim to provide support through education, healthcare for sustainable change in society.

Emergency and Disaster Relief

Our team of volunteers is always ready to respond to provide relief solutions, with efforts focused on food, shelter, health, water, and sanitation. During the times of ongoing COVID-19, our volunteers are working every day to provide relief solutions to patients and families of patients

How To Be a Voice for the Hungry

  • Volunteer : Sevaa Foundation believes that unless members of the society are not involved, a sustainable change cannot happen. Volunteers are the backbone of every organization. We appreciate your interest and encourage you to be an active part of our organization.
  • Corporate Organizations : We aim to help the underprivileged sections of the society, through our events and organization. If you are a corporate employee or organization willing to help for a social cause with Sevaa Foundation, you can donate in cash or kind or become a part of our foundation.
  • Partner with Us : Together we can make a difference. A partnership can do wonders and help create a change. If you are an individual willing to make a change, partner, with our organizations, and help us to create a better world. Let’s work together to build a beautiful future.



If I cannot help financially, how can I contribute?

You can consider other donations in food and clothing or volunteer with us.

Which areas does Sevaa Foundation work in?

Sevaa Foundation works in areas ranging from healthcare, education, women and child empowerment, and disaster relief.

How can one associate with Seva Foundation?

We have received immense support from many individuals. One can associate with our organization in a lot of ways. You can donate in cash or kind, a volunteer with us, or refer us to your connections. You can visit the contact us page or get involved section of our website for further details. We look forward to your association with the organization.

How can I donate to Smile Foundation?

You can go to the Donate section of the Seva Foundation’s website and donate online. For other donations related queries, you can write to us at

How shall I get in touch with your team?

For any queries and details, feel free to write to us at or visit our Contact Us page.

Can corporate employees take part in your activities?

Yes, there are hundreds of representatives of the various organizations that are involved in community service. If you wish to join, you can write to us at

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